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Welcome to TrackballWorld Welcome to, The online store dedicated to all things trackball. Today, online stores are adopting cryptocurrencies as a payment method due to the numerous benefits it offers. Several studies report that many people are making online purchases using cryptocurrencies. In fact, people are investing in cryptocurrencies for the ease of trading. To make trading easier for beginners, nowadays, many user-friendly automated trading platforms are available that can execute trades for their users. Bitqt trading app is one such app that helps inexperienced traders to trade more smartly. However, before investing in this app, just go through the bitqt to learn more about it. OK, We'll admit it up front: we never liked mice. They're small, many models still have cords that you have to drag around as you move them, lots of designs still need a mouse pad and, worst of all (at least for those of us whose desks are always piled high with papers and crowded with coffee cups, staplers, phones, post it notes and other junk) they require about a square foot of uncluttered prime desk real estate right next to the keyboard!

Since all personal computers include a mouse these days many users have never even heard of a trackball. This is unfortunate because there is a lot of research that indicates the trackball is at least an equal - and in many cases superior - pointing device.  (See the essay, "A Brief History of Trackballs" for more background data.) The mouse included with most PCs these days is the lowest cost possible, so sooner or later most PC owners are going to end up shopping for a replacement and, when that happens, instead of just buying another mouse we want you to consider buying one of our trackballs.

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Featured Products

Made in the USA!!! Large ball for precise fingertip control, selectable resolutions "on the fly". Trackwheel scrolling roller. Three easy access mouse buttons. Stainless steel ball suspension. Striking all black desktop trackball for your home or office. Installs using USB interface port. Black case, Black ball. This thing looks like it will last forever!
Price: $139.95
Sale: $129.95
CST2545-5W (L-TRAC) w/Scroll Roller, USB
Average rating:
Q-Tronix Lynx R-15 Trackball, PS/2-USB
Precise fingertip control. Two easy access mouse buttons. Scoll wheel. Compact, easy to use. Installs using USB interface port. Silver case, Red ball.
Price: $32.95
QTronix Lynx R-15 Trackball, USB
Average rating:
Kid-TRAC Trackball, PS/2-USB
Large ball for precise fingertip control. Three easy access mouse buttons. Colorful, great for child's home computer. Installs using PS/2 or USB interface port. White case, Yellow ball.
Price: $76.95
QTronix Scorpius 35 Trackball Keyboard, Black
Heavy duty full size keyboard with large trackball. Three mouse buttons. Installs using two PS/2 interface ports. Black case. Gray ball.
Price: $139.95

Product Categories

Close outs, open box returns, special buys, etc. all end up here. All quantities are limited. First come, first served.
TrackballWorld has a huge selection of full sized desktop trackballs with PS/2 only and PS/2-Serial auto-detect interfaces, many of which will never be seen in retail computer stores. Easy to install and easy to use, we have a desktop trackball to fit every user preference.
TrackballWorld's selection of full sized desktop trackballs with USB and PS/2-USB auto-detect interfaces is huge and grows larger all the time. Easy to install and easy to use, we have a desktop trackball to fit every user preference.
TrackballWorld has a large selection of full sized desktop trackballs with wireless interfaces. This increasingly popular category helps eliminate desktop cable clutter. Receivers plug into USB ports. Easy to install and easy to use, we have a desktop trackball to fit every user preference.
Bigger, stronger and heavier, these industrial trackballs and trackball keyboards are designed for reliable long term use in demanding environments. Available with PS/2 and USB interfaces.
Great for use with your portable computer or for presentations, these miniature trackballs with PS/2, USB and wireless interfaces can also deliver big trackball performance with your desktop computer.
These specialized devices combine trackball input device, multi-media controller and laser pointer into a single device for use when making presentations with your portable computer. Wired and wireless. Models for PCs and Macintoshes.
These special purpose trackballs are designed for education or for use in supporting computer access and training for users who cannot use a standard mouse or trackball.
We've picked up replacement balls, cleaning kits, miniature vacuum cleaners, wrist rests, etc. If you're looking for a products to keep your trackball in top shape, we've got them.
Great for use in tight places these trackball keyboards and trackball keypads combine two input devices in one, giving you a great way to leverage your desk space with a trackball integrated right into a full function keyboard. Classic PS/2 interface works with most PCs.
Great for use in tight places these trackball keyboards and trackball keypads combine two input devices in one, giving you a great way to leverage your desk space with a trackball integrated right into a full function keyboard. USB interface works with most PCs and Macintoshes.
Great for use in multi-media development or presentations, these wireless trackball keyboards and trackball keypads combine two input devices in one and eliminate cable clutter. PC and Macintosh compatible models. Receivers plug into available USB port.


Get On The Ball!


Trackballs are more than just inverted mice and they offer a number of advantages:

  • Trackball vs Mouse Foot PrintSmall Footprint - even large trackballs take less work surface area than what is routinely required to use a mouse.  For comparison here's the footprint of a popular trackball model superimposed on the outline of a standard mouse pad.   And remember, the trackball stays put.

  • Stationary Use - not having to move means a trackball:

    • Never runs out of work surface

    • Never requires re-positioning

    • Allows fast, continuous scrolling

    • Doesn't make you pick it up and put it back on the mouse pad.

    • Doesn't bump into your coffee cup.

    • Doesn't jam your thumb into the side of your keyboard

    • Is always where you left it.

    • Eliminates "mouse rowing" from the shoulder for long movements.

  • Software Compatible - thanks to USB and highly standardized hardware and software, trackballs are plug-n-play direct replacements for mice and use exactly the same software and hardware. You can just unplug your mouse, plug in a trackball and you're ready to roll.

  • Precise Control - most modern trackballs allow you to control cursor movement with your finger tips or thumb.  Much more precise than the hand and wrist movement required to move a mouse.

  • Self Cleaning - while some are better than others, most trackballs require little or no cleaning in normal use.   Mice, on the other hand, either slide across or roll rubber coated or plastic balls across your desk or mousepad which generates static electricity and makes them magnets for dirt.

  • We Stock What We SellLarge Selection - our selection of personal trackball products is among the largest (if not THE largest) available anywhere.  We have many great trackball products that you will never see in any mass market computer stores.

  • Fast Service - We stock what we sell.  No drop shipping.  99% of our orders ship from stock - usually the next business day!!


Quit Mousing Around!


Trackballs offer you a high precision, high quality mouse alternative and we've got one in a size, shape and interface that will fit your requirements. We've even got some suggestions on things you can do with your used mouse:


Things To Do With Your Used Mouse


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