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TrackballWorld has a large selection of full sized desktop trackballs with wireless interfaces. This increasingly popular category helps eliminate desktop cable clutter. Receivers plug into USB ports. We have a variety of wireless desktop trackballs to fit every user preference.

A brief note on wireless input devices: You should really ask yourself if you need a wireless input device. Naturally for presentations or applications where you are working at a distance from your computer a wireless device is a necessity but for normal desktop use it can be unnecessarily inconvenient. Wireless devices often require a "synchronization" procedure every time the system is powered up or reset and they are less responsive in games or real time applications. They are also more expensive. Unless you know you really need a wireless device we suggest you go with a conventional cabled device.

Small compact design, great for on the move. Wireless 2.4GHz nano receiver never needs to be taken out when placing your laptop in a bag. Scroll up and down pages with its Unique touch scrolling.
Price: $59.99
Trackman M570 Cordless Optical Trackball
Precise thumb control. Three easy access mouse buttons. Scroll wheel. Browser Scroll Up/Down Buttons. Compact, easy to use. Wireless. Receiver installs using USB interface. Black case. Blue Ball.
Price: $59.95
Logitech M570 Cordless Optical Trackball
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