QTronix Lynx R5 Wireless Laser Trackball Mouse

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Product Description

Product Overview

Long Range Wireless Laser Mouse with 360 Degree Scroll Ball. This mouse has a trackball for 360 scrolling (after loading driver, Windows only)! Are you fed up with having to grab scroll bars every time you want to move left or right on large documents? If so, this new mouse/trackball is for you. Load the included driver (windows only) and you never have to move a scroll bar ever again.

  • 2 button mouse with 7mm trackball
  • Two way 2.4GHz wireless Technology
  • 800CPI
  • 10 meter operating range
  • Low power consumption with smart power save function.

    Product Specifications

    Trackball Size: 7MM
    Trackball color: White
    Trackball encoding: Laser
    Case color: Black
    Hand orientation: Right
    Buttons: 2
    Scrolling hardware: Yes
    Interface type: Wireless
    Interfaces included: USB
    Platforms supported: PC and Mac(hardware only)
    System requirements: Available USB port
    Operating systems: PC:  Windows 2000/XP/Vista
    Direct plug in mouse emulation? Yes, Drivers only for 360 degree scrolling
    Software included? Yes
    Footprint: 2 1/2" ( 64mm) wide x 4 3/4" (121 mm) deep
    Maximum height: 1.5" (38mm) at crest of trackball

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